RCM Enterprises (Renewed Cleaning & Maintenance) is owned and operated by Dave Martin. Offering window cleaning to the greater Knoxville, TN area, this service is home based in Seymour, Tennessee.  A window cleaning specialist I am well skilled, fully enabled and equipped to assist those that desire an expert in the maintenance of the glass in their home, office or business. As well as making handyman service available to select window cleaning clientele.  An honorably discharged Marine Corps vet with an eye for detail I am always on watch for any unsafe situation. Towards people and possessions. I understand and appreciate the trust given to enter the homes and businesses in which I serve.

Desiring to give the best service available in making a living in this great country of ours, I began Renewed Cleaning & Maintenance in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area in 1991. Beginning with contracts to clean Central Michigan University frat and sorority housing RCM quickly added carpet cleaning, new home and office construction final cleaning and office cleaning to meet that need in the Mt. Pleasant, Clare and Midland, Michigan area. Many jobs required hiring workers to accomplish the work and all work was done successfully and satisfactory to the customer's desire. Many written commendations are retained from satisfied customers from those days. After helping a friend a few times with his window cleaning route the decision was made to expand into window cleaning in 1994. RCM enjoyed many years of serving central Michigan residents and businesses from Mt. Pleasant to Bay City to Houghton Lake with cleaning and handyman services until 1998 when I moved my family to Knoxville, Tennessee. Of which should be noted many clientele of the time were upset by what they voiced with my decision to move south when informed.

Having arrived in Knoxville, I helped to build the first Knoxville Yellowbook phone directory in which I learned I had a talent for marketing. Putting that new skill to use I successfully built a window cleaning/handyman service in the Knoxville area within a year and a half of arriving. Also taking part time work selling windows and doors at a home improvement store near Cedar Bluff I learned the details of those features of structures we all use everyday. Personal tragedies demanded a change and RCM was barely operational for quite a few years. Occupations during that time was a transfer to being a self-employed satellite TV tech, sports writer, carpenter and maintenance tech. Carpentry included installing/replacing many doors and windows. I know doors and windows. I know structures and fixtures. Including framing, crafting, drywall, plumbing, landscaping, gardening and some electrical. If agreeable, my skills as a handyman may be available to you as an established window cleaning client. My preference beings the elderly go to the top of the list.

My mission with RCM Enterprises is to provide the best service possible in services offered. RCM Enterprises is comprised of multiple services. Specializing however in window cleaning and maintenance to the residents of the east Tennessee area. But also offering to his fellow Americans website design through Rocky Top Websites, and an online biblical ministry read by followers around the world known as TheHolleringStump.com  In whatever service RCM Enterprises offers, you may be assured I always have your best interest in mind.

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