Handyman Service

Got A "To Do" List?

Yes. I can help you with the seemingly endless list of chores that need done around your home or business. With 3+ decades of experience in the building, maintenance and cleaning trades I can assist you with pretty much anything you have that needs attention. Got a list? Let's get your windows cleaned, get to know each other a little and then take a look at it together. I'm sure by the time we finish discussing it, you'll be handing me your list with a big smile on your face realizing you can relax about them. That you found someone that can take care of these issues for you. Properly.

If you have some issues that I may not have time to get to immediately or may be too large for me I may still be able to assist you in that project by referring qualified professionals whom I know that can get the job done and done right. Professionals with integrity. Professionals that care. That care about their name. Knowing, as I, that name is reputation. And reputation is what profession is built upon. In all fields of life. From building you a castle to fire/water damage restoration to painting to grounds keeping. If I can't help you I probably know someone that is very good at what you need. And that you would be very happy with.

I realize that trust is a very important issue. And it should be. I have been earning the trust of those I've worked for since 1983. Many being the elderly. I have never taken the trust of my customers lightly, understanding they allow me to serve them. To being in their home or in their business. I understand and know home ownership and running a business. The responsibilities can at times be overwhelming but handled so much more effectively by assigning tasks to those you know will complete them efficiently. And make you, your home and/or business shine. Which is where I come in!

But first... let's start with your windows. Clean glass on a home or business gives a big first impression on the viewer. Whether consciously or subconsciously noticed, Clean glass gives any structure a shine. And it's just natural to be attracted to things that shine! But more importantly is the fact that neglect can stain glass beyond repair or cleaning with corrosive materials can damage your windows. Again. Beyond repair. Proper maintenance is required to get the most out of your investment in your windows. There is the energy efficiency to consider as well as the clearness of the view. And the shine they put off. Don't we all want to save energy? And others to notice our homes and/or businesses? The shine windows put off is more attractive than you may realize! Besides!... Nobody (that I know anyways!) likes looking through dirty glass!

Then, if we're agreeable, let's take a look at that list. No time like the present to get started! Which begins by contacting me to schedule a visit to your location for a window cleaning quote. Unless of course you are a client in which you already have me either on your phone's contact list or your email address book. And already know I'm there for you as much as I can possibly be!