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Everybody Loves Clean Windows

What's worse than wanting to get a view of what's outside a window and have to look through a film of dirt, smudges and/or bird droppings? And yet window maintenance normally takes a back seat to other priorities in the minds of many. Regardless, neglect... and improper maintenance... is the major cause of glass degradation. Glass will become permeated with many contaminants over its life. If allowed to remain can and will damage your glass. This damage will not be covered in window warranties. 

I can help you with that! With 2 years selling windows, 3 years installing windows and more than 15 years experience cleaning windows, I can certainly assist you in getting the most out of your windows as possible.

RCM Window Cleaning Service: 3 Things To Know
Respect - Know this first. Respect for you and your belongings is of utmost importance. If applicable, while inside your home or business  clean cotton tarps are used for covering delicate floor surfaces and/or furniture. With delicate floor surfaces boots/shoes are changed upon entering to clean shoes or will be covered by "booties." Some furniture may need to be moved but will be placed back in its original position. Towels are placed under buckets brought inside. Any spills that may occur are immediately wiped up. Outside plants and shrubbery are worked around with as much care as possible. If ornaments or outside furniture needs moved it will be replaced to its original location. If you have any decor you find priceless that might be in the way you should consider securing that yourself.

Safety - Safety is always job 1! Any ladders used are set with precision. Tools and equipment are either in the truck or staged at the truck when not in use. Having been a carpenter for many years any hazards seen, electrical or otherwise, will be brought to your attention.
Procedure - This would differ due to the circumstance. There are 3 options.

  • An Initial Cleaning may take more time, effort and/or materials to accomplish the desired effect. This may include scrapping and/or the usage of specialized compounds.
  • A Standard Cleaning is glass wet, scrubbed, squeegeed, edges and stool dried. Inside and/or out.
  • A Deluxe Cleaning is any spiderwebs removed from corners, glass wet, scrubbed, squeegeed, edges and stool dried, frames wiped (crank windows,) Interior sill wiped (double hung and crank windows.) Inside and out.
Screens cleaned included. Which is wiping the frame and both sides of the screen in a towel damp with window cleaning solution. Unless windows that open and have screens are actually opened and used it is advisable to remove the screens and store them. Screens catch a lot of airborne particles that splash onto the glass during a rain. Adding more unnecessary contaminants to the glass.

The window cleaning agent I use is what I consider the best. It is specifically designed for cleaning glass. It is non-acidic. Unlike popular (cheaper) solutions of ammonia, vinegar, dish soap... the agent I use will not... over time... peel paint or dry out rubber seals. Or leave the pores of the glass completely exposed to the elements. This agent I use has a glider additive, which makes it easier for a squeegee to glide but also coats the surface of the glass, filling in the pores. Which makes the surface dirt resistant for a short period of time. One can literally feel the difference between glass (or any surface) cleaned with an acidic cleanser and what I use in buffing. It's environmentally safe. I used to pour clean, leftover water at the end of the day on my tomato plants for a mild fertilizer. I use this same cleanser to wash my truck!

Window Cleaning In Knoxville, Sevierville TN

 Minimal Cleaning Recommendation
- Residential windows twice a year -
- Office buildings quarterly -
- Storefronts monthly -

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